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At Unilight Wholesale Electric, we specialize in supplying electrical materials and lighting supplies for the small to large sized electrical contractor. Unilight Wholesale Electric's specialty departments service the Low Voltage, High Voltage, Residential, Commercial Lighting and Landscape Lighting.

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Featured Product

Recently approved by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), the AlumiConn® Aluminum to Copper Lug is one of the most popular solutions for aluminum wiring repair in residential and commercial buildings.

Three ports allow conductors to remain separate, permitting the lug to provide lower resistance, therefore lower temperature and to provide longer-term reliability.

NuTone® LunAura™ Collection.
Bring ventilation and dramatic LED lighting to any room.

ENERGY STAR® qualifiedThe transitional design of the NuTone LunAura Collection is apparent the moment you see it with a green-tinted plate suspended below the ventilation fan. When the LED nightlight is activated, the plate turns blue with a stunning glowing edge. Blue was selected for its calming effect, and with Ultra Silent™ ventilation, NuTone LunAura Collection is a perfect way to enhance a spa-like environment. It also provides convenience and safety for night-time tasks. For stunning ventilation in any room, nothing’s quite as flexible as the NuTone LunAura Collection, because there’s never been anything like it.